How I finally stopped the constant scratching
and cured the awful mange that was making
my beloved dog miserable… day after day after day.

"I can truly say my dog is alive now because of your cure!"

another dog gets relief from mites"Muffin was suffering terribly. It was so hard to watch. She was so uncomfortable she was just a shell of the lively dog she once was.

The vet said there was nothing more to try. He said we'd just have to find a way to live with it or that he could put her down. Little did I know she'd been misdiagnosed.

As a last resort, I tried your natural method. The torment she had been living with for what seemed like forever disappeared within days!

Muffin is so happy now! She is back to normal with no itching or hair loss. It was with great pleasure that I threw out all the medicines that didn't work."

- Marla S.

Is your dog’s scratching, biting, digging and whimpering breaking your heart?

Pete Blews

Pete has helped many pet owners end the torture of mange and mite infestations in their pets. His method relieves suffering quickly with an easy, all-natural, drug-free treatment.

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His new e-book Managing The Misery of Mange Mites is available for free download (no sign-up or purchase necessary)

The contents of this e-book will help you win the battle against mange mites - whether you use our products or not!!

learn how to treat mange on dogs

elplessly watching your pet constantly scratch and chew its own skin is horrifying. With my dog, big patches of her hair were gone and she was continually gnawing at painful patches of inflamed raw skin. It’s like she was possessed. I couldn’t make her stop.

If this is happening at your house, your dog is not misbehaving.

Your dog is constantly trying to get rid of something that itches like crazy. Your pet may literally tear holes in its skin to stop the insane itching. You are probably all too aware of the pattern: Itching and scratching. Biting and whimpering. It goes on night and day. The more your dog digs, the more hair falls out and the bigger the red raw spots get. The insane cycle can spin your dog up into a nervous, miserable mess!

If you’re like I was, you’re lost and don’t know how to help your dog. Nothing you’ve tried has worked. Please don’t give up!

You CAN Put an End to Your Dog’s Mysterious Roller Coaster Ride

There is hope. There’s a lot more than hope. You can stop your dog’s nightmare.

What do you see when you look into your dogs eyes now? Confusion? Pain? Torture? Now imagine looking into them and seeing pure happiness again instead of sad bewilderment. Comfort has replaced the torturous itching. Your pet’s coat is full and shiny again. That tail thumps madly and there is no sign of pain. Your dog has rediscovered the joy of life! It’s not a dream. You can heal your dog yourself!

I want to share the breakthrough that gives you back your happy dog.

But before I get to that let’s see if we’re on the same page.

Let me tell you about what happened to my girl Belle. When she was about 2 years old her once beautiful coat turned patchy. Almost overnight she developed angry red splotches. She simply couldn’t leave them alone. Within a few days she was covered in ugly sores from the scratching. Sometimes she developed secondary staph infections that made her even more miserable. I had no idea what was wrong.

She was miserable. I took her to the vet week after week. That poor dog endured all kinds of treatments. Strong chemical dips that hurt her tender skin. Sterilization. Allergy treatments. Antibiotics. Steroids. Antihistamines. Special foods. Special shampoos. Ointments, creams, you name it. We tried it all. Nothing helped.

"We tried everything. I couldn’t keep watching my dog suffer I began to think it was time to put her to sleep."

I just couldn’t give up. There had to be something! So I did what you’re doing now. I dug for answers.

Night after night I researched and read. I read about mange but moved on quickly. “Mange? No way!” Nice dogs don’t get mange. We took great care of her and gave her a good clean home.

Finally I had to admit it. The symptoms were a match. Everything made sense. Belle had Sarcoptic mange.

When I swallowed my ego I learned that mange isn’t some incurable plague that brands a dog as undesirable. I discovered that mange is really common.

Mange is simply when microscopic mites on your dog have a population explosion. It can happen to any dog. Dogs with Sarcoptic mites were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Those with Demodectic mites have a bigger challenge because their immune system is weak, which is why the mites took over.

They tunnel down to breed deep in the layers of your dog’s skin. Your dog is like an ant farm on steroids on amicroscopic level. It’s no wonder some poor animals practically destroy themselves trying to get rid of them. Just the idea of it gives me the creeps!

Top Mange Symptoms

I’ll spare you the pathetic pictures but just know that mange is nasty stuff. If your pet is suffering any of the symptoms below, your pet could be the victim of mange.

Constant scratching, biting & chewing at its fur

Rashes, bumps or lesions

Hair/fur thinning or falling out

Intense itching

Patches of scaly, red or irritated skin

  • Agitation, nervousness or restlessness

Areas of raw or bleeding skin that do not heal

  • Obvious discomfort in your pet

This poor puppy was due to be put down because of incurable demodicosis. Her owners went to great lengths to save her and credit Mite Avenge with saving her life.

I Got Mad at Myself. Then I Got Madder.

What was I doing? Here I was being all embarrassed and in denial while my dog was suffering. Mange isn’t some embarrassing label. Mange is a serious condition that makes dogs miserable. And it just gets worse.

The only thing left to try was to give her shots of a potent pesticide internally. No thank you! That was way too risky for something that failed 33% of the time.

So I learned everything I could about those evil parasites and discovered a perspective unlike anything I'd heard from vets. Suddenly it became clear why nothing we’d tried worked.

The insecticides, lyme dips, shampoos and creams were just burning her raw skin. The steroids only stopped the itch for a few days. Antibiotics cleared up the infections but they came right back. Those were only treating her symptoms! We weren’t even close to the problem!

I couldn’t believe nothin better was out there! Why hadn’t anyone thought outside of the proverbial box??

I knew there was a cure and I knew I could find it! I just wasn’t prepared to find a near-miracle!

Belle’s swelling and redness improved within hours! She finally slept that night. By the next day it was unmistakable the healing was already well underway!

Belle’s response is THE reason I named my company Happy Dog!

I did what I had to do.

Even though my background is in engineering and product development, I didn’t go down this road to invent yet another pet product. I had two choices. I could put my dog down to end her misery or I could find a way to save her life. I took one look at Belle and I became an inventor.

Today Belle is a gorgeous happy dog.And she was the instigator for a product that has been a lifesaver for many suffering dogs and their owners.
“Believe me I've done extensive research to help my furkids and there is no other quality product out there like yours. Sure there are some with a couple essential oils but nothing close to yours or claims it'll work for an infestation. I'm familiar with essential oils so I know they work. The amount of time and trials to come up with the right combination that you folks came up with makes your product well worth it's weight in gold. It's very impressive.

From reading all I have, I can see how so many mite or yeast problems are misdiagnosed by vets and the poor pets and owners end up in a never ending problem not to mention horrendous side effects. I'm so thankful I found your product and had enough wisdom about essential oils to realize its outstanding properties.

Bless you all for your hard work and fantastic customer service. You certainly have all earned your place in heaven at the rainbow bridge to be greeted with doggie kisses thanking you. Aloha.” - Debbie, Kailua, HI

If you’re reading this page it shows me you’re serious about eliminating your dog’s misery. You’ve probably heard bad things about mange and its treatment. There are plenty of rumors and speculations that may be swaying your impressions one way or another.

Forget the stigma, the rumors, and even what your vet may have told you. You deserve the truth.

So if you’re ready, here are the top 3 mange myths...

Myth #1 - Mange is a Sign of a Poorly Kept Dog

Scraggly strays and dogs whose skin is a mess often get branded as a “mangy mutt”. Even though mange is a medical condition, the mere term has an unpleasant stigma that strikes fear in the hearts of dog owners. “Mange? Not my dog!”

But the truth is, mites could easily attack your dog.

Mange is caused by microscopic parasitic mites. The types that are responsible for most canine mange are Demodex and Sarcoptic. Both are miserable, progressive and dangerous. Read why every dog is at risk.

Myth #2 - Mange Will Go Away on Its Own. Just Ignore It.

Well there’s a little bit of truth to that myth. A small percentage of dogs with Demodectic mange spontaneously recover. That's because Demodectic mangeis essentially anauto-immune disease. All dogs have a few Demodex mites naturally but in dogs with healthy immune systems, the mite population stays under control and everything is rosy. If the mites blossom in number, the dog develops a mange infestation. Occasionally the dog’s immune system can strengthen on it's own and beat the mites back down. The most common cases of untreated mange going away happen in juvenile dogs with mild Demodectic mange. If you choose to ignore it and hope it goes away, please know that Demodectic mange is progressive and more often than not, it spirals out of control.

If your dog has contracted Sarcoptic mange, it will NOT go away on its own. It is progressive to the point of being fatal. Sarcoptic mange is highly contagious and will eventually infect the other animals in your home and even you. Swift action is required to keep your home from becoming infested with them too, which will make getting rid of them more difficult.

Regardless of what type it is - once mange is visible, your dog could have thousands, even millions of parasites under its skin. More often than not, mange spirals into an ever-worsening condition. Even if it disappears or stabilizes, the parasites are still there. If something stresses the dog or wears it down, the mites can take over again with a vengeance.

Myth #3 - At Home Treatments Don’t Work.
Only A Vet Can Treat Mange.

I can see how this myth got started. Some over-the-counter home treatments do not work. That because they sit on top of the skin and don’t kill all the mites or they just treat the symptoms. Sometimes people just can’t stand the odor of the sulfurs and chemicals that are commonly used so they don’t apply often enough. Or they can’t stand the ointment being smeared on the sofa and they just give up. Reports also show that if a regime is too long or complicated, owners don’t follow through. They just throw in the towel and say it didn’t work. However I can attest to thousands of healthy dogs that have beaten mange because our home treatment DOES work!

Veterinarians can and do treat mange. Sometimes successfully. Many follow a standard course of drugs that escalates into harsher treatments if the dog does not respond. Only a vet can administer some of the more toxic pesticides or give injections of Ivomec. Ivomec is a drug meant for cows and pigs that is used “off label” for mange. Even though Ivomec is a vet’s heavy hitter, it fails about a third of the time. But in fairness, most vets do the best they can. But


You Have the Ability to Put a Stop to Your Dog’s Suffering.

Imagine rinsing your dog with a gentle solution that bubbles when you pour it on. Your bare hands and nose only detect soothing feelings. Your dog’s feeling better already. But the news you really want to hear is those vile mites are screaming and dying this instant!

Stop your dogs itching with Mite AvengeYou’ve just applied Mite Avenge™, nature’s deadliest miticides in a solution with a special delivery system that gets it down into the mite’s home territory. You just wiped out thousands of tiny parasites in an instant! And it’s so safe your dog can turn around and lick it off with absolutely no harm!

But guess what else you just did?

You gave your furry friend a huge head start toward healing! You’ve just applied an amazing bath of wonderful natural ingredients that not only eliminates mites, it helps your pet overcome the ravages of the mange infestation and quickly heal back to beautiful health.

There is no other way to give your dog such an unbelievable shot at a super fast recovery.

Mite Avenge Is The Only Way You Can Help Your Dog With All This:


Sarcoptic mange kits start at just $89.00!
Demodex kits also available.

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Top 10 Ways Mite Avenge Gives YOU & Your Dog A Better Life:

“In 2 days Rambo was itch free. We had not been able to get it under control. By the time I found you he had lost over half of his coat and was covered in nasty sores. I thought he’d at least pick at the scabs when they started to heal but he didn’t. I am so grateful you make this available."
-Pat R, Myrtle Beach SC

Fast Relief - Mite Avenge starts working aggressively the split-second it hits your dog’s tender skin. Do you really have days to wait for a slow acting cream or systemic insecticide that takes time? Our customers LOVE how fast their pets improve. Sometimes within a day!

Targeted Delivery System Seeks & Destroys - Here’s the secret to mite eradication. Mite Avenge’s base solution does what other products cannot. No burrow is safe. And no spot escapes the super healing ingredients it leaves behind.

Reduces Pain - The mites are dead but the battle’s not over. Your pet has been a parasite hotel. The torment has passed, and Mite Avenge is packed with pain relievers and anti-inflammatories to make your friend comfortable while it’s on the mend.

Fights Infection - Secondary infections are a dangerous complication. The open wounds on the surface and ravaged tissue under your dog’s skin are prone to infection. Mite Avenge relentlessly fights to keep germs from taking advantage of your pet’s weakened immune system.

Helps Your Dog Chill - Mange is a scary thing for your dog too. Your pet is probably anxious from the painful itching-biting cycle it’s been going through. Mite Avenge™ takes the edge off with several calming and relaxing oils. The pleasant, relaxing aroma will make everyone a little more mellow!

Ridiculously easy to use - Mite Avenge™ is so simple to use. Everything is premixed. Dump the dry packet and the liquid into the applicator bottle. Add water. Shake. Apply. Play.

Foolproof - Your dog can’t rub it off. Your furniture is safe. It’s water based. If you spill some, it cleans up in a jiffy. You can’t see it or smell it after it dries.

You save money - How many trips to the vet have you paid for already? How does the prospect of shelling out for even more feel? If you’re losing time from your job that’s probably costing you something too. If this is a matter of money, then Mite Avenge™ will actually save you a bundle.

No Rx required - Harsh, dangerous or risky treatments require a prescription. Some are toxic and can make your dog even sicker. Now you can take control of your pet’s health using our gentle yet powerful tool. Mite Avenge™ is proven effective against Sarcoptes mites, Demodectic mites and mange of all types. Best of all it’s pure, natural, non-toxic and pesticide free so you don’t need a doctor’s prescription.

"You are truly a 'friendbeast' to dogs in need. Thank you for sharing your amazing product and also for shipping it so fast! " -Angie, Palo Alto, CA

"My vet totally misdiagnosed my dog. Either that, or she didn’t want me to know what my dog had. She said it was allergies. I later learned that some of the things she did to Marco involved pesticide. As much as I love her I have to wonder if she was being honest. Someone at the dog park told me about your product. It did everything you said it would. Marco is almost all healed and I can tell he feels so much better. Thank you so much! "
Red N., Oceanside, CA

Mite avenge is incredible on hives. Soothing and got rid of what ever was causing them :-) I gave a couple of bottles to a friend and it fixed her hot spot issues. Obviously mites are the root of all evil :-) I also gave your info to my vet who is the breeder of my Doberman. BTW I am a professional handler and show dogs. I have to deal with hives and skin issues every day. We Love Mite Avenge!
Jane, Thonotosassa, FL

I used to work for a vet so I am familiar with how bad mange can be. I am a believer in using the most aggressive medicines to treat it but my boyfriend convinced me to try natural medicine first. I was amazed at how fast and effective it was.
- Jeannette D.

Sarcoptic mange kits start at just $89.00!
Demodex kits also available.

Order now to get FREE Shipping PLUS Bonus Gifts
with every kit!

Visit our parent site to learn more about treating each type of mange mite.

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Giving your dog the best mange cure available is so easy! Just apply Mite Avenge once a week for the prescribed treatment period depending on whether your pet has Sarcoptic or Demodectic mites. This kills newly hatched eggs and completely eradicates the infestation. Keeping Mite Avenge on your pet continuously also renews the natural healing agents your dog so desperately needs.

Mite Avenge comes in kits. Each bottle is one pre-measured easy-dose application. Kits are available in Sarcoptic or Demodectic kits. Each application contains enough product to treat a large dog.

FREE Bonus Gift: Deluxe Applicator Kit - $18.00 Value!

You get a FREE deluxe applicator with every Mite Avenge kit. These items makes applying Mite Avenge even easier.

The generous wide-mouth applicator bottle makes mixing a breeze. Its long tip and easy-squeeze construction let you easily distribute the solution!

You also get a reusable applicator glove. This handy glove helps spread the Mite Avenge solution over every part of your dog. It also gives a gentle massage as you rub the mixture into your pet’s skin. It’s soft enough to pat those tender areas.

In most cases... the higher the quality of an item - the more you pay. But when it comes to a suffering dog, I don’t feel that way. I want you to be able to help ease your pet’s misery. That’s why you are getting a comprehensive premium quality mange treatment, a no-risk guarantee and a FREE deluxe Applicator Kit for less than many inferior mange treatments and far less than traditional toxic treatment through a veterinarian.

Skeptical? Take Advantage of My No-Risk Guarantee

I understand you’ve probably been through the wringer already with your dog and haven’t yet been able to help your pet. You have a tough responsibility and you want to do the absolute best you can to help them.

Just try Mite Avenge for at least two weeks as directed. And if for some reason you don’t think it’s a better option than dangerous medications, harsh treatments or regular trips to the vet...

...simply send the remainder of your kit back within 30 days and you’ll receive a 100% refund, no questions asked. (See full policy here.)

Order NOW and Stop Your Dog’s Misery

You have no risk. There’s no catch. I’m serious about wanting to help suffering dogs. I’ve gotten the price as low as I possibly can. I’m even popping for the shipping on all kits and even for other product orders over $50! All I ask is for you to take a couple seconds to tell me your success story, and spread the word about this amazing product to your friends so more dogs find the same relief yours did.

Order now to stop your dog’s suffering. No pet should have to live with the horrors caused by mange. Get the only treatments that kills the real cause of your pet’s suffering AND helps your pet recover with lightning speed.

Kills Mites and helps heal your dogs coatMite Avenge kits start at just $89.00!
Order now to get FREE Shipping PLUS Bonus Gifts
with every kit!

Visit our parent site to learn more.
buy mite avenge mange cure

FREE Bonus Deluxe Applicator Kit with all full kits
A full line of mange fighting products to help heal your dog
My no risk 30 day money-back guarantee
Free shipping anywhere in the U.S.


Waiting longer will only cause a bigger infestation... more itching and scratching... and more suffering.

Sincere wishes for a healthy pet,

Pete Blews
Founder of Happy Dog Naturals
Author of “Treating Dog Skin Problems”

P.S. Some dogs lose hair and have irritated skin but don’t seem to outwardly suffer. Before you decide not to treat its mange, please remember two things:
1) Your pet’s condition is not stable. There is a colony of bugs living in your dog’s flesh. Over time the symptoms usually gets worse and your dog will begin to suffer. The longer the mites feast, the weaker your pet’s immune system will become. Choosing not to kill the mites is a gamble you are taking with your pet’s health.
2) Some types of mange are contagious. Sarcoptic mange (or dog scabies) can be transferred to you and your family. Mite Avenge is effective on all types of mange. Do not take a chance if you are unsure which type your dog has. Order Mite Avenge today

P.P.S. Still have more questions? Below are a list of commonly asked questions that you may have as well...

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Mite Avenge work on all type of dog mites?
A. Yes. Mite Avenge was originally designed to cure Sarcoptic mange or scabies but it is effective for other mange mites too. Mite Avenge’s broad enough spectrum of powerful natural ingredients to has effectively treated Sarcoptic and Demodectic mange mites. We have been working with several dogs who’s vets have diagnosed a resistant variety of Demodex mite. Using an extended treatment plan, skin scrapings have shown that our product worked where nothing else had!

Q. Will it hurt my dog?
A. Unlike many other mange treatments, there is nothing in Mite Avenge that will hurt your dog. We are all about making happy dogs, not unhappy ones. We only use high quality all natural ingredients that are safe on dogs and have a specific purpose. No synthetic or chemical-based concoctions. Mite Avenge is safe, non-toxic and pesticide-free.

Q. What are the ingredients in your product?
A. Mite Avenge's proprietary formula of natural ingredients includes citronella, clary sage, clove, dihydrogen dioxide, disodium tetraborate, eucalyptus, helichrysum, karanja seed, lemon, lavender, neem, peppermint, polysorbate 20, purified water, rosemary, sea kelp, styrax benzoin, vitamin E & tender loving care.

Q. How do I use Mite Avenge?
A. Good question. Mix. Apply. Repeat as directed for your pet's condition. It's so easy. The concentrated solution and the activator powder are already formulated in just the right proportions. All you do is bathe your dog, toss in an activator pack with a bottle of concentrate and a couple cups of water, shake, and apply. When you purchase a full kit, we even give you the mixing bottle/applicator and a special applicator mitt FREE! Here's how easy it is:

Q. How much do I need?
A. Good question. But there is no textbook answer. While Mite Avenge is extremely effective on both Sarcoptic and Demodectic mites, there are distinct differences in how they are treated. Most Sarcoptic infestations can be knocked out in 3-4 treatments.You'll probably be good to go with a 3-pack and some Diatomaceous Earth to help decontaminate the dog's environment. Mite Avenge is very effective against Demodex mites however treatment usually takes 6 weeks or so, meaning the best place to start is with the Demodectic 6-pack. Here's a great blog article that explains more about both types of mange and their treatment. Demodex also requires other steps to affect a long-term cure. Read "6 Steps to Beating Demodectic Mange" in our blog and e-booklet. All the information you need to wage war on mites is available on our parent site and the products you need to win the battle are available in our online store.

Q. Thanks for the doggie treat but I only do grain free.
A. Don't worry. It's an organic, grain free goodie.

Q. Can I use Mite Avenge if I give my dog a monthly flea treatment?
A. Sure. It is safe to use Mite Avenge in conjunction with flea & tick treatments like K9 Advantix, Revolution, Frontline, Frontline Plus, Pet Armor, etc. Consult the product literature inside the flea treatment package for instructions on how long to leave it on before the product becomes waterproof and the dog can be bathed. (Generally 48 hours) After that, it's safe to use Mite Avenge on your pet.

Q. Can I use your product if my vet is giving my dog Ivermectin?
A. Yes. Mite Avenge does not interfere with internal pesticides or medications. Some of our customers have used them at the same time to accelerate results. People also use it immediately after a course of Ivomec if the dog is still suffering. Mite Avenge is a natural non-toxic treatment that is used on your dog so it does not interfere with medications that go in your dog.

Q. Aren’t all natural mange products variations of the same thing?
A. No. Not even close. The mange products we’ve tested vary wildly. Some are based on oils that can be found in the varnish aisle at the hardware store, yet they can still be called natural ingredients. Many natural products use sulfur, which is harsh and smells terrible to you and your dog. Some natural products throw in impressive sounding filler ingredients that don’t do much of anything. Others haven’t done their homework and use ingredient that can be harmful to dogs like Tea Tree Oil. Mite Avenge treatment is the most comprehensive natural mange treatment available. Our holistic approach covers all the bases. No other treatment does as much.

Q. Can I use this on my cat?
A. NO! Because cats metabolize things differently, in particular essential oils, a cat may have an adverse, even fatal reaction to the product.

Q. My dog is really miserable. How long does it take for this to work?
A. Mite Avenge starts working the minute it hits your pet’s skin. Our system is designed to eliminate mites quickly and help healing begin right away. In many cases improvement is noticeable in a few days and signs of healing are obvious within a week. (The results with many Sarcoptic mange cases are often drastic.) Every situation is different because of the severity of the infestation, but many customers tell us they are pleasantly surprised how quickly they got their Happy Dog back! The system is designed to kill mites and break the life cycle of a colony. After the first treatment most dogs feel immediate improvement.

The treatment period for Sarcoptic mites is generally 3 weeks of weekly treatments (four for advanced cases) while Demodectic mites generally need at least 6 weeks of treatment (advanced, deeply embedded or long-standing infestations may take longer). This is comparable to the treatment times of most veterinary chemical treatments but it’s a heckuva lot cheaper.

Q. My dog got better. Then the mites came back.
A. If your pet got better, that is a sign the product was working. In situations where there is recurrence, one of several things has happened. 

  1. 1.) Some owners don’t follow the product instructions or treatment schedule as directed. If the product is not applied as directed, treatment is discontinued when improvement is seen or the prescribed treatment schedule is interrupted, the mite’s reproductive cycle isn’t broken and colonies can become re-established.
    2.)There is a chance that your pet is visiting another place or animal where there are mite mites and becoming reinfested. It is VERY important to decontaminate the environment if your pet is suffering with Sarcoptic mange mites.
    3.) Treatment was stopped too soon. There is no reliable way to positively know if your pet has mites or when they’re gone. (Skin scrapings are notoriously unreliable.) Sarcoptic mites can generally be dispatched in 3-4 weeks but Demodex mites are more complicated. They are burrowed deeper and more protected. Killing them is somewhat like peeling off the layers of an onion; the mites go in layers. This is actually a positive process for several reasons, namely a much lower risk of die-off effect problems and it buys you time to build up your dog’s immune system so she can maintain a normal mite population once you stop killing the mites on her behalf.
    4.) There was insufficient immune system repair. Demodex mites take over when a dog has a weak immune system. Mite Avenge can kill off the overpopulation, but unless the immune system is strong enough to keep the population in check, they’ll rebound quickly. Immune systems aren’t rebuilt overnight so you should take measures to rebuild it as soon as possible.
    5.) Your pet didn’t have mites. There may have been improvement because of Mite Avenge’s many healing properties but the root problem flared up after treatment stopped. Some skin conditions can appear similar to a mite infestation.

If your pet had demodectic mites there is a good chance that your pet's immune system is allowing them to rebound. Demodex mites are the most common an unfortunately the most difficult to eradicate. Our product is extremely effective but long term cure depends on taking additional measures as well. To learn more, read our blog post titled "Six Steps to Beating Demodectic Mange" here for full details.

Q. Why did my dog get the mange? I thought only neglected animals got it.
A. The notion of a bedraggled mangy mutt is a common misconception. Any dog can get mites, even pampered well-kept pets. A few mites are usually present on every dog but the immune system keeps them under control. If something compromises their immune system the mites can take over and turn into a dangerous infestation. Some mites are easily transferred, It has nothing to do with cleanliness or care.

The notion that mange is somehow the owner’s fault is silly but nonetheless, it still lingers to a degree. Before you go beating yourself up, please read this blog article.

Q. Do I need a prescription to order Mite Avenge?
A. You do not. Anyone can order Mite Avenge without a prescription. Mite Avenge is the most effective home treatment you can buy. From our personal experience and reports from many customers, it is more effective and much gentler than the standard veterinary practice of putting poison into and/or onto your pet. Mite Avenge is not intended to replace veterinary care. You should always consult with your vet if your pet is ill.

Q. My pet is really miserable, how long will it take to arrive?
A. Considering it's free shipping, It gets there lots faster than you'd think! We ship every order within one business day. Standard FREE shipping actually is Priority Mail which typically takes just 2-3 business days. You can also opt for Priority Express shipping which takes 1-2 days.

*Please note, that while Priority Mail is pretty darn fast, the Postal Service does not guarantee a particular delivery date. Guaranteed delivery dates are only available with Priority Express.

Q. Does Mite Avenge work on all types of mange mites?
A. Yes. Mite Avenge's broad enough spectrum of powerful natural ingredients to effectively treats Sarcoptic and Demodectic mange. We have been working with several dogs who's vets have diagnosed a resistant variety of Demodex mite. Using a modified treatment plan, skin scrapings have shown that our product worked where nothing else had! If your pet has resistant Demodectic mange, please get in touch for further information about modified treatment plans.

Q. Is there anything else I can do to help my dog?
A. Anything that will reduce stress and bolster your pet’s immune system will aid recovery. You can’t go wrong by indulging your pet with a nutrient-rich diet, a stress free environment and extra love. We do not recommend supplementing treatment with other topical products because they may remove or contradict the healing ingredients that need to stay on your dogs skin. If you have not already done so, please download our free e-booklet. It’s got a section called “Insider Tips” that you’re sure to love.

Q. Can I wash my dog in between treatments?
A. By all means! It is helpful to wash your dog frequently, preferably with Benzoyl Peroxide shampoo. It can make your dog more comfortable plus it helps keep tunnels, pores & follicles open. Benzoyl Peroxide shampoo can remove toxic dead mites, reduce the number of live mites, lower the risk of secondary infection and limit breakouts. With Demodectic mites are the problem, this special shampoo is indispensable because when used repeatedly, it is the only thing known to clear out the sebum and waste that protect the deeply burrowed mites.

When shampooing in between treatments, just be sure to wait 24 hours after you’ve applied Mite Avenge.

Q. Should I cut my dog's hair?
A. Mite Avenge must be worked deep beneath the skin where the mites burrow. To make that easier and to ensure more of the product gets to its destination instead of saturating the hair, we recommend a close trim. This also minimizes moisture retention that feeds the natural yeast present on the skin. This is helpful because yeast is the primary food source for Demodex, the most common type of mange mite.

Q. Do I need to shampoo my dog first?
A. The dog just needs to be wet. Shampooing is not a requirement but it is helpful, especially if you use Benzoyl Peroxide shampoo. We sell a good brand in our online store if you don't already have some.

Benzoyl Peroxide shampoo is a deep cleansing shampoo that is almost essential in treating Demodex mites because they live in the follicles and pores where protect themselves with oily sebum and waste. This must be flushed out or treatment with any topical product will be less effective. It is so effective that mild cases have occasionally been resolved simply by using the shampoo.

It’s helpful for Sarcoptic mites too because it’s a deep cleansing shampoo that is helpful for softening the skin and flushing debris from the mite tunnels before applying Mite Avenge and helping clear dead mites on subsequent treatments.

Q. It's just in a couple of places. Can I just spot treat my dog?
A. We recommend treating the whole animal because mites are mobile. This is why mange is progressive and eventually goes from localized to generalized. As the mites spread, it can take a while before their concentration in an area is dense enough to create symptoms and the lack of symptoms does not ensure there are no mites in an area.



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"I'm sorry for the pun but your product is amazing. I had taken my puppy to 2 vets who used every trick they had to cure him. After following your program, he has a beautiful coat again and no longer itches."

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I do small dog rescue & have been fighting painful, itching skin on my dogs.  At present I have 12 foster dogs. I have been up at 1 am, 2 am, 3 am giving soothing baths because I couldn’t stand to hear the dogs suffering.  I ordered your 3-pack of Mite Avenge to try.  What a blessing!  Since all my dogs are small, I was able to treat them all.  Itching stopped immediately.  All the dogs were finally able to rest comfortably.  I just ordered your 6-pack so I could give all the dogs the full 3 treatments.

For 20 years I worked as a chemical plant lab technician.  I also did my own aromatherapy with natural products.  I am well aware of the difference between synthetic and natural chemicals, and am familiar with most of your ingredients and was confident in their effectiveness and safety when used properly.  Thank you for a wonderful product."

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"I waited to write to make sure the mange was really gone."

" It’s been 6 months since I used it on Chester. The relief was incredible. He was literally tearing away his skin. He stopped all the damaging behavior and our lives got back to normal quickly. Quite a product you’ve got there!"

- Martin R., D.M.D.

" Don't let me forget
to send you before and after photos for your website, its the least we could do for you all and the difference is astonishing!!!  Thanks so much for playing such large role in her recovery. We cant thank you enough, you are the only product / people we trust to help her."

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I’ve bought so much. So far we’ve treated my dog and my son’s dog and my granddaughter’s 3 dogs. Your product and recommendations were excellent--thanks again for all of your superb help!!! "

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"Thanks for telling me about your Diatomaceous Earth.

It was such a big help as Lula goes everywhere. We used it outside, on the furniture and in the car. Your product got rid of the mange and the DE should keep it gone. ~ Kevin L., Trumbull, CT

Thanks for all of your help.  
I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated your efficient and speedy processing of my orders.  It has been so helpful to have someone I could count on for the product we needed.  Thanks again!   :)

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"I didn’t want to believe my dog had mange and he was pretty bald when I finally decided that might be what was wrong with him. He wasn’t bloody or anything but his hair was coming out in clumps for a long time. It’s been 10 days and a lot his hair is growing back. I think you make a good product. "

- Clint O.

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"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sheeba’s coat looks better than ever. Her problems started almost a year ago. It was confined to her right side and back leg so I never thought it was a big deal. The vet said it was eczema but the cream didn’t do anything. Then he gave her shots that made her swell up. I felt so bad for her. I was desperate to find a cure when I found you. It took a couple of weeks before she looked normal again but it healed up perfectly. Whatever you put in that bottle is magic. Mange Avenge is absolutely wonderful."

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Nero has gone from scraggly to having a full and shiny coat now which is something he’s never had since we got him 2 years ago.

Nero was always scraggly. I just thought it was one of those dog things that he would outgrow. My husband put his foot down when we couldn’t sleep because of his scratching in the crate. We are all doing much better. I like how easy it is to use because of how hyper he is but I hope I never have to use it again. (Sorry.) Nero is comfortable now. I didn't realize how much he was scratching until it stopped and I don't want to go back there again.

Thanks for a great product." - Ann S.

"I'm glad you proved me wrong on all counts..."
"I didn’t want to believe my lab had mange and he was pretty bald when I finally decided that might be what was wrong with him. He wasn’t bloody or anything but his hair was coming out in clumps for a long time. It’s been 10 days and a lot his hair is growing back. I scoffed at being able to cure him with natural remedies and am glad you proved me wrong on all counts. I think you make a good product."

M. Santiago, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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"I got my sweetie back! I couldn’t let Queenie sleep in the bed with me. She is so beautiful again and not suffering. I am so impressed with your cure!

After I started using MIte Avenge she got immediate relief. Thank you!"

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"We did everything. We even spayed our dog because the vet said that might help. She was terrified every time we put her in the car because she knew we were going to the doctor again. My husband found your site while researching skin disease. What a blessing he did. I appreciate that it goes on fast and helped her heal so fast. She’d been through so much, I wish we had of known about Mite Avenge sooner because she has recovered completely. She’s a happy healthy girl again." 

- Carla L Harrisburg, PA

"Thank you so much for your product.  
I was so upset seeing my dog eating and tearing at himself.  The vet said it looked like Sarcoptic mange but I waited as I had changed his food and the vet said it could be that.  So finally we ordered the medicine from you and just got the last treatment on him the day we left for Australia.  Three weeks we come back and it was so great to see he was no longer itching.  Thank you again."
- Mary S.



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